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Investing in Stocks

Investing in stocks is buying stakes in companies. By investing in the right companies, the value of their stocks goes up as management concentrate on building up the worth of the businesses. Profitable investing in stocks involves choosing the corporations that have a good chance of becoming dominant competitors within their industries. A promising company tends to have strong management, unique products and growing sales.

In order to do well investing in stocks, you need to do proper research. There is thousands of companies you can invest in. To find the potential winners, there are certain things these companies possess. This includes an ambitious growth plan, efficient operations and high revenue growth. Investing in stocks is about making money.

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How to respond to market 'dips'

You already know stock prices can take sudden "dips," but do you know what causes them

Market News

Distressed Investing Opportunities Rise from Latest Subprime Fall Out, More at Las Vegas Forum
iiBIG presents the 2nd Annual Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum, scheduled for September 22-23, 2008, at the Palazzo/Venetian Congress Center in Las Vegas.

Pinpoint investing
Diversification not the most exciting game in town. The more you diversify, the closer your returns come to the overall market average. This is as true for penny stocks as any other investment vehicle. Buy a little of everything, and you get what everybody is getting.
Successful Investing
In their private lives, Jack Monteith is President, Financial Advisor and Managing Partner, and Ken is CEO, Financial Adviser and Managing Partner of Empirical Wealth Management in the Portland area. On the weekends, they are also radio hosts with Successful Investing. The show focuses on exactly what the title implies.
Small Cap News
The Stocks You Should Own
We senior analysts here have a terrible habit of landing ourselves on the opposite side of the table from our boss, Motley Fool CEO and co-founder Tom Gardner.
Stocks end higher, extending last week's gains
Stocks overall benefit from an oil price drop, but a Fed report on tightening credit keeps a lid on the day's rally.
E-Trade buying Harrisdirect for $700M

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- E-Trade Financial Corp. shares rallied Monday after the company said it would buy brokerage Harrisdirect from BMO Financial Group for $700 million cash.

The move marks the latest in a consolidation among brokerage firms that saw Ameritrade set plans to buy TD Waterhouse in June.

"E-Trade is reacting to [its] failed bid for Ameritrade by acquiring an alternative target," Fox-Pitt Kelton analyst David Trone said in a note to clients Monday.

Trone said mergers in the industry may not be over, and suggested that Ameritrade may one day attempt to take over E-Trade.

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