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A free stock quote keeps you current on what your shares are currently worth. Besides the stock quote, the investment site gives you the latest headlines and developments on the company you are following. To make the right stock investing decision, you need to have all the necessary information. In stock trading, corporate developments can turn on a dime. To profit from the situation, you need the latest free stock quote.

In addition to a free stock quote, a good online stockbroker executes stock trades in a timely manner. The commissions charged are reasonable and the trading systems tend to be reliable. A free stock quote is just one factor. In order to be a profitable stock trader, you need the right stockbroker to execute your trades.

Top Story

The Future of Investing: A 2020 Vision

What will the world of stocks, bonds, and funds look like in the next decade? BusinessWeek asked experts for their prediction

Market News
Private equity funds focus on distressed debt
The amount of money being raised by private equity funds for investing in distressed debt is set to outstrip last year’s record as investors increasingly look to bet on troubled companies as the next big opportunity.
Financially illiterate? Consider these crash courses
A survey showing that 46 per cent of Canadians are worried about their money matters primarily due to a lack of knowledge of personal finances reinforces my recent column on the need for greater financial literacy.
Alternatives: Have you got the bottle?
Share prices are tumbling, inflation is eating away at your savings and property prices are in freefall. So what is the alternative?
Small Cap News
No one shops for small caps today, as few shop at retailers
The Russell 2000 has slipped to its lows on the session midday, as a weak July retail sales report and a rebound in crude oil prices have kept small caps submerged in the red.
12 Cheap Funds With Solid Track Records
Xplosive stock a site specializing in finding hot penny stock lists to for buying, investing and trading features twelve cheap funds with solid track records.
E-Trade buying Harrisdirect for $700M

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- E-Trade Financial Corp. shares rallied Monday after the company said it would buy brokerage Harrisdirect from BMO Financial Group for $700 million cash.

The move marks the latest in a consolidation among brokerage firms that saw Ameritrade set plans to buy TD Waterhouse in June.

"E-Trade is reacting to [its] failed bid for Ameritrade by acquiring an alternative target," Fox-Pitt Kelton analyst David Trone said in a note to clients Monday.

Trone said mergers in the industry may not be over, and suggested that Ameritrade may one day attempt to take over E-Trade.

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